Nachtmann Sphere Long Drink

Nachtmann Sphere Long Drink

Crystal glass, machine made.

The winning design from Nachtmann‘s 2013 Workshop, by Roman Kvita, Academy of Arts, Prague.

“I’m no mathematician but I know that a sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space. This was my starting point, as I sketched my first rough ideas. My aim was to connect the tradition and quality of handmade glass with the precision and possibilities of pressed glass. I was influenced by legendary Czech glass designers František Vizner, Rudolf Jurnikl, Jirí Zejmon and Jirí Brabec, who all took a sculptural approach to their craft. My visit to the Nachtmann factory also made a major impression, as I saw for myself the infinite possibilities of modern-day glassmaking. Back at the academy, I experimented with spheres and saw how spherical convex shapes play with light to make striking refractions. as my sketches became 3D sculptures, I applied the spheroid principle to a family of products including drinking glasses, plates and bowls. Then, as I held the first prototypes, I realised that geometry had shaped my creativity.“

Box Quantity: 4



Height: 151 mm

Volume: 385 ml


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