Riedel announces the debut of the COCA-COLA + RIEDEL glass in Australia. Created in collaboration with Coca-Cola, the introduction marks Riedel’s first functional glass developed for a non-alcoholic beverage.

The COCA-COLA + RIEDEL glass was developed in a sensory workshop led by 10th-generation Riedel owner Georg J Riedel. The panel, which included top flavour experts with the most intimate knowledge of Coca-Cola flavours, sampled classic red Coca-Cola from glasses of different shapes and sizes. The panel unanimously determined that the resulting glass delivered the best experience, in both taste and aroma, enchanting all the senses with the unique flavours of one of the world’s most celebrated beverages.

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The Riedel COCA-COLA + RIEDEL Glass (twin)

The Riedel COCA-COLA + RIEDEL Glass (twin)

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Price: $49.95

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