Riedel Horn Decanter

Riedel Horn Decanter

Mouth blown, handmade.

In homage to the Riedel family’s central European heritage in Austria and Bohemia, the Horn decanter was inspired by the iconic insignia that symbolizes the Austrian Post’s mail delivery system.

Europe’s 18th and 19th century mail system utilized horse drawn carriages to deliver mail between cities, and to announce their arrival, mail carriers would play the Post Horn to notify the public.

Influential musicians of this time period, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Austrian composer born in 1756, coincidentally the same year of Riedel’s founding, also incorporated the horn into their music.

Box contains one piece.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the hand-crafting, small tolerances in the size and weight of each decanter, tiny bubbles, slight imperfections and surface variations, are a feature and acceptable part of the process.

Box Quantity: 1



Height: 370 mm

Volume: 2500 ml


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