Nachtmann Sphere Salad Plate 23cm

Nachtmann Sphere Salad Plate 23cm

Crystal glass, machine made.

The winning design from Nachtmann‘s 2013 Workshop, by Roman Kvita, Academy of Arts, Prague.

“I’m no mathematician but I know that a sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space. This was my starting point, as I sketched my first rough ideas. My aim was to connect the tradition and quality of handmade glass with the precision and possibilities of pressed glass. I was influenced by legendary Czech glass designers František Vizner, Rudolf Jurnikl, Jirí Zejmon and Jirí Brabec, who all took a sculptural approach to their craft. My visit to the Nachtmann factory also made a major impression, as I saw for myself the infinite possibilities of modern-day glassmaking. Back at the academy, I experimented with spheres and saw how spherical convex shapes play with light to make striking refractions. as my sketches became 3D sculptures, I applied the spheroid principle to a family of products including drinking glasses, plates and bowls. Then, as I held the first prototypes, I realised that geometry had shaped my creativity.“

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