Nachtmann Shu Fa Whisky tumbler Set of 4

Nachtmann Shu Fa Whisky tumbler Set of 4

1 Box includes 4 Glasses

Shu Fa features Longdrink and Whisky glasses in a modern design, inspired by the gentle, yet strong, calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes.

The design has been created within the Nachtmann NextGen design competition. Shu Fa, designed by Mao Churong and Gong Yining is influenced and inspired by the local Chinese tradition and culture. Made of high quality Crystal glass at our German production sites, the series features the highest levels of brilliance whilst being dishwasher safe.

NextGen products are where tradition blends with creative enthusiasm and innovation. They are unexpected, consistently compelling and beautiful pieces of modern crystal glassware.

Ideal for following grapes:


Box Quantity: 4



Height: 101 mm

Volume: 330 ml


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